Beyond Human Understanding

Two realms are running concurrently—the supernatural realm and the natural realm. Both realms are as accurate as the other. The natural realm consists of the material things we interact with and see daily and constantly change. It would help if you noticed that the explanation coherently brings the SUPERNATURAL and the NATURAL. We live in two realms at the same time. God can connect with the natural, and you and I, as physical beings, can connect to God in the supernatural. The supernatural realm exists beyond that realm, and the realm is everything to do with God. The realm of the supernatural is beyond the reach of science and human explanation. The word "supernatural" means beyond and above the natural. This is where God operates. It is the realm where heaven and the earth intermingle, the realm of interaction between God and man. God wants us to live and operate from this realm. The supernatural realm is where God reveals to us what happens behind the natural realm. The r